“Noel Capon and Gary Tubridy have for the past decade been leading voices in matters related to sales force effectiveness. Sales Eats First serves as a blueprint for how to transform a sales organization into a strategic driver of growth and profitability.”
Bruce Dahlgren, Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard, Imaging and Printing Group.

Sales Eats First reminds us that the sales force is the voice of the customer. Capon and Tubridy make a compelling argument that companies that keep sales people and sales thinking at their center outperform those that relegate sales to a subordinate role.”
Robert A. Essner, former Chairman and CEO, Wyeth

“Capon and Tubridy have distilled how the magic of sales excellence is in mastering the fundamentals. As much as we advance the science of sales, it is thoughtful, clear leadership that produces top sales performance. Any business function, internally or externally focused, would benefit from considering how to enable sales to eat first.”
Bill LePage, Senior Vice President, Global Sales Operations, Cisco

“From the evocative title to the bottom line on sales primacy, Sales Eats First drives deeply from the customer — innovation — sales axis. Capon and Tubridy skillfully illustrate how an informed and persevering focus on the customer is at the heart of lucid growth strategy. The authors' rare insight shows us that the pre-recession sales rep has been replaced by a more complex and deeply- embedded sales persona: a thought-leader, a product architect, and a customer advocate.”
Michael Orrick, Senior Vice President, Global Markets Expansion, Thomson Reuters GRC

“There is no such thing as a great, shrinking company. All corporate success stories have one thing in common — growth! Growth is exciting, boosts corporate morale, increases customer appreciation, drives the stock price, and cures many ills in a company — but no growth occurs without a superior sales culture. Sales Eats First illustrates the importance of great leadership and its influence on sales — a must read for anyone who wants to be on a winning team.”
Andy Mattes, Chief Sales Officer (retired), Hewlett-Packard

Sales Eats First should be essential reading for every salesperson. It shows you how critical it is to pair the art of selling with the science of business. More and more companies are connecting the dots — segmentation, consumer behavior, business behavior, channel management, and supply chain — to achieve organizational sales excellence.”
Mike Fasulo, Executive Vice President, Sony Electronics

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