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STRICTLY COIN-OPERATED. Smile as fake as it is broad. A corrupt Willy Loman–Glengarry Glen Ross monster whose main product is snake oil. A necessary evil at best. That’s the sales person in the popular imagination and even in some traditional business thinking: Low employee on the totem pole and distant last choice for promotion into general management behind the brainiacs in other functions.


If this stereotype were ever true of the people in consistently successful sales organizations — and we doubt it — it is now completely obsolete, especially in the B2B world that is this book’s focus.

In Sales Eats First, authors Noel Capon and Gary Tubridy use quantitative and qualitative research and in-depth interviews with 32 senior sales executives at some of the world’s leading companies to illustrate how those that combine world-class practices in strategy, organizational structure, and performance management can truly out-think, out-offer, and out-sell the competition.


The result is a set of company examples and sales lessons — from Cisco, FedEx, Genzyme, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon, Johnson Controls, Master Card, Oracle, Pitney Bowes, SAP Business Objects, Sony Electronics, Thomson Reuters Legal, Whirlpool and Xerox — all wrapped up in an essential read for today’s sales professional.


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“Noel Capon and Gary Tubridy have for the past decade been leading voices in matters related to sales force effectiveness.

Sales Eats First serves as a blueprint for how to transform a sales organization into a strategic driver of growth and profitability.”

Bruce Dahlgren, Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard, Imaging and Printing Group

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At the 2010 Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum, Gary Tubridy, Senior Vice President, Alexander Group and co-author of Sales Eats First, engaged in fireside chats with two of the executives that contributed their insight to the book

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